Editing Services Overview

Editing Services at the Center for Writing & Scholarship: An Overview  

As part of the Center for Writing and Scholarship support for the CIIS international student community, non-native English speakers (ESL students), and English language learners (L2 learners), Senior Fellow and Editing Services Manager, Anne Kinne, provides technical and grammatical editing on papers and assignments at the final stages of the writing process. Distinct from CWS’ tutoring services, which focus on one-on-one collaboration, the editing service focuses on sentence-level edits utilizing Microsoft Word’s Track Changes function. Along with a marked-up document, writer will receive suggestions for overall writing improvement.

Who is Eligible for Editing Services?

International students from the CIIS and ACTCM community, second-language speakers and writers (L2 learners), and students for whom English is a second or third language (ESL students) are eligible for Editing Services. Students with learning disabilities are also eligible for Editing Services. Please contact CWS Director, Brynn Saito at bsaito@ciis.edu, if you have questions regarding your eligibility for Editing Services. As a reminder, all students are eligible for one-on-one tutoring services.

How Do Students Sign Up for Services?  What is the Process?

Students ready with near-final drafts can sign up for editing by completing the form on CWS’ MyCIIS page (under the Academics tab). In addition to the paper to be edited, students are required to submit the nature of the assignment, the due date, formatting style, and any other comments or feedback from faculty that will assist in providing comprehensive editing support.

After the intake form and document are submitted, the student will be contacted via email by the editor within 24 hours. In this email, the editor will confirm receipt of student’s paper and supporting information.  Supporting documents can be within the body of the email or attached. Once the editor has received all required documentation, the 5-day turnaround time begins (see below).

What is the Turnaround Time?

The ESM will complete the editing of a paper (up to 15 pages, double-spaced) within 5 days. Students are encouraged to keep this timeline in mind when working on and submitting their papers. If more than 15 pages need to be edited for an assignment, papers will need to be submitted in separate installments. For example, if a student is working on a larger assignment, say 50 pages, only one 15-page section can be submitted at a time. However, you may submit multiple assignments during the same time period by using additional editing services intake forms.

What is the Editing Service’s Pedagogical Philosophy?

CWS Fellows and staff aim to provide writing assistance that is student-centered, collaborative, anti-oppressive, and inquiry-based, and these same values translate to our Editing Services. Though the bulk of the exchange between the student and the editor is done via email, the comments, clarifications, and edits received are geared toward assisting students in clarifying their written communication and cultivating their voices as academic writers. In that sense, the editor’s relationship with student writers is a pedagogical one. Utilizing the track changes and comments features in Microsoft Word, the editor will make grammatical and technical edits (including APA, MLA, and Chicago publication style sheet feedback) at the final writing stage while providing careful explanations of the edits and highlighting common error patterns. Such clear and compassionate feedback aims to assist and support students in gaining the tools needed to self-edit their future writing assignments.

Important Protocol and Disclaimers

Students should keep in mind that CWS does not guarantee the return of a paper that is 100% ready to submit. There could be several reasons why the editor would not be able to return a completely clean copy. For example, inability to confirm references and/or in-text citations to comply with formatting rules, inability to decipher sentences without possibly altering the meaning, or not receiving the required back-up material (i.e. assignment specifics, formatting requirements, professor’s comments/suggestions, and so forth) from the student. Ultimately, the accuracy, completeness, and adherence to citation/reference style in the final version of the paper is the student’s responsibility.

Click to print the Editing Services Overview.


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