How to Get Through the Rest of the Thesis or Dissertation Process

Crafting a thesis statement, writing a proposal, and writing a master’s thesis or Ph.D. dissertation are the first stages of the journey. It is a significant, intense, and sometimes overwhelming process. What few do not consider while the writing process is unfolding, however, is what happens once the thesis or dissertation is well underway. At this point, some mind energy needs to be diverted to the deadlines related to the other requirements necessary for publication and graduation.

The CIIS Center for Writing and Scholarship has developed a set of materials to help students through the steps toward successful thesis and dissertation completion. Following are handbooks by style (APA, MLA, Chicago), an HRCC handbook, technical review checklist, and copyright and permissions guidelines. Non-CIIS students may find value in this information as well. For CIIS students, the deadlines for each stage of the process are updated at the beginning of the semester. Please make sure you are using the most current versions of each document:

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