Dissertation Lab #2: Dealing with Obstacles and Finding Your Voice

This is the second of eight Dissertation Labs hosted by the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) Center for Writing and Scholarship. The purpose of the labs is to provide dissertation fundamentals, skill building, and awareness that a dissertation is a creative process. Each lab has a PowerPoint presentation and an audio file.

Three topics are discussed in the first dissertation lab:

  1. Dealing with obstacles and myths addresses some of the psychological obstacles we create during a long academic writing process such as a dissertation. Also discussed are some of the popular myths of academic writing.
  2. Understanding your creative process gives a peek into the dissertation writing process as a creative and transformative experience.This section gives science and creativity roles in liberating your thinking, your writing, and yourself.
  3. Learning to balance science and imagination, dominant discourse and unique perspective, gives rise to an authentic integral voice.

Please launch the PowerPoint document to follow along with the audio presentation.

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