Dissertation Lab #3: Critical Reading and Thinking

This is the third of eight Dissertation Labs hosted by the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) Center for Writing and Scholarship. The purpose of the labs is to provide dissertation fundamentals, skill building, and awareness that a dissertation is a creative process. Each lab has a PowerPoint presentation and an audio file.

Three topics are discussed in the first dissertation lab:

  1. Engaging critically with your literature means moving away from passive reading towards a dynamic practice, resulting in more effective and accurate note taking. By engaging with the materials you read, you will form a relationship with your literature that goes beyond creating a collection of notes to the beginning of deeper thinking.
  2. Understanding the elements of critical thinking is the next step in advancing scholarly writing skills. The combination of critical reading and writing can lead to a deeper understanding of your topic and your inquiry.
  3. Shaping an argument addresses the very basic building blocks of  logical, relevant, and fair academic writing.

Please launch the PowerPoint document to follow along with the audio presentation.

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