Request for One-on-One Tutoring

The Center for Writing and Scholarship (CWS) supports CIIS students, faculty, and staff in their development as academic writers, scholars, and practitioners through in-person and online tutoring sessions, community writing workshops, and access to resources on academic writing and scholarship.

To sign up for an individual 50-minute appointment with a writing tutor, click here. After you register, you will be shown a schedule of available tutors and time availability. You will receive an email confirming the day, time and place of your tutoring session.

CWS has three types of online or in-person appointments:

  1. By Appointment Sessions: A one-time appointment usually utilized by students who have a few questions about a specific topic or paper.
  2. Bi-Weekly Sessions: Meet every other week with a tutor when ongoing assistance is needed, but not on a weekly basis.
  3. Weekly Sessions: Sessions occur every week for students who prefer ongoing assistance throughout a semester.