CWS Workshops & Courses

The California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) Center for Writing & Scholarship (CWS) offers workshops for students interested in advancing their academic writing skills. Return to this page to see new workshops for Fall 2018.

The following workshop series was offered during the Summer 2018 semester. Read the description below to see how you can access the workshop recordings.

Summer 2018 Dissertation Lab

The process of organizing, researching, and writing your dissertation is often a lonely experience. The Dissertation Lab was a series of weekly online two-hour workshops designed to navigate the complex processes of organizing research, developing a proposal, or moving on to the dissertation.

The workshops were recorded and can be accessed by selecting the Dissertation Lab from the Categories drop down in the right-hand column or typing dissertation lab into the search feature. No matter where you are in the Ph.D. process, the Dissertation Lab recordings can help you with skills development.

Click on the links below to access the PowerPoint presentation and audio recording for sessions that have already taken place.

Deb Kirby, PhD

About the instructor:
As a CWS senior fellow for three years, Deb worked with dozens of students from the CIIS BAC, Masters, and PhD programs to help improve writing, organization, and creative processes. She earned a PhD in transformative inquiry from CIIS and currently teaches in teaches in the School of Consciousness and Transformation, and the School of Professional Psychology and Health.

Deb’s goal is to help impart lifelong skills related to the writing process, while honoring each individual’s creativity.